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Love is About Love. It is Never about Adultery, Fetish, or Pornography

We respect liberty, freedom of speech and freedom of choice in life, but we promote love which is about love itself.

Many people confuse love with adultery, fetish or pornography, and the like, this is one of the causes of mental health problems, or the beginning of mental health problems. As we said, if mental health is not taken care of from the very beginning, it can affect other aspects of life and develop into disorder and disaster.

This post does not represent the opinion of Overcome, but it talks about some ideas of Zen (The Philosophy about Serenity of Living).

If one way of love causes hurt or harm to another person, it has a consequence. You may say two adults have consented to it, but freedom is never unconditional. Your freedom may damage the freedom of another person. So Adultery can break up marriages, lead to physical harm and kill, and then kids can end up with no parents. There can be revenge, and it is against peace. This can significantly and negatively affect your mental health, and then further affect all aspects of your life.

You can be sleeping with somebody else and then their lover or their husband or their wife goes after that person and hurts them or kills them or they come after you. Nobody wins.

There are millions and millions of single people out there you probably want to stick to that pool. Stay away the persons that can cause problems for you and your family. You need to bear it in mind from the beginning before it develops, as we have been always talked about.

Pornography and fetish in a way demeans people and it gives you a false image of what sex is like, and it's not actually sex. It is not real, it is a fantasy and it becomes a form of attachment. Attachment will certainly cause pain for you sooner or later. Like some people are attached to money, some attached to power, all of these can cause pain and suffering, which costs your mental health. There is no problem to seek success but be careful with getting too attached to it.

Love is supposed to be a deep ingrained bond that you form with another person that you truly love and you truly care about. It is not an attachment, not distraction, not one more thing in your life. It is more of a spiritual experience than physical or mental.

If you think your mental health problems may have something to do with love, sex, relationship, family and attachment, and you want to discuss it, contact Overcome for advice.

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