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The Five Roots of Suffering (3) Fear the Unreal and Recoil from it

The third root of suffering is being afraid of the unreal and recoiling from it.

We have repeatedly talked about that we are afraid of so many things that don't even exist.

And we attacked by our own thoughts. Remember? We all suffer from the things we feel bad about in the past, they don't exist now, they were in the past, not in now, but still we cringe when we look back on them. We feel pain for it. We regret and feel bad about it.

We think about horrible things that can happen in the future and we're fearful of something that doesn't exist. 99.5% of the things we fear now will not happen in the future, but as humans, we can’t stop thinking about them. We sometimes feel a catastrophe is imminent in our head. We are literally attacked by our own thoughts. We feel anxious, worried, depressed and panic about the unreal.

We have the negative self-talk. This inner critic that attacks us all the time and we listen to it as if it's true, because it's coming from our head. It's literally a mental defect in the human mind that you have a part of yourself that attacks yourself on a regular basis.

You have literally like a critical parent in your head that takes over for your parents.

It's part of how you become independent when they stop warning you about things and you start warning yourself about things. They say you're an adult and you can maintain yourself. But actually what you're doing is you're destroying yourself and everybody has this. It's ingrained in us from childhood.

We do something called Metacognition - we think about our thinking. This is a defect of human brain. Animals do not have metacognition. They don't think about the past. They don't think about the future. They don't have an inner voice in their heads saying hey idiot you didn't do that right, or worry about this or feel bad about that. They don't feel bad about anything.

As humans we do have higher intelligence but we also have this defect. Overcome Advisors can help you to recognise it and remove it from you, so that you do not live in illusion, but in reality.

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