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Confirmation Bias

We talked about The Imprint Period, where a lot of information (most of which are lies) was programmed into your brain between your age of 0 and 7.

So we have got a set of rules, or confirmation bias, before we have control over the information we take into our brain and attention.

Confirmation Bias is the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories. When we find information which supports our current belief system, we use it to support our misconceptions and biases. We're also going to use it to block out anything that doesn't support our biases, so confirmation bias is one of the leading reasons why we do not grow, confirmation bias literally blocks new ideas and therefore growth.

If I believe in a lie and I'm blocking out the truth, I can't grow, and I can't disillusion myself, I can't lighten my load, I can't become enlightened, because I believe the lie.

I want you to love life, I want you to love your friends, I want you to love yourself, I want you to love the very experience of life, and suck all the juice out of it, but you can't do that when you're surrounding yourself with lies.

It's not new information, it's getting rid of old lies, that'll make the biggest difference in your life. We've got plenty of information, we can be very simple, very un-knowledgeable people, but if we're free from our lies and delusions we live our lives with genius.

Overcome will help you to achieve this- you will be able to deprogram your old lies and reprogram what is good for you, now that you know what is good for you and what goal you want to reach. Contact us for more details and transform today. Reach out to us by leaning a comment below or use our contact forms.

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