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How Overcome was born?

A solicitor and a banker met when they worked for Coutts Bank, which serves the Royal Family (located at 440 Strand London).

They learned the secret of life's rules by attending world-class seminars, which helped them transform their lives forever.

They wanted to spread this secret to more people, exceptionally high achievers like themselves. They started doing it a couple of years. They enjoyed the change they brought to like-minded people, including lawyers, bankers, accountants, business owners, and other professionals, or people who wanted to succeed in the game of life but couldn't figure out the route for it.

With such success, they set up an organisation to properly and formally give this unfair advantage to more people globally. This was why Overcome was born.

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Overcome provides CTAA accredited remote and tailored advice on solving mental health related problems in a few efficient and effective sessions with unbeatable strategies to give you an unfair advantage in life that can benefit you for all your life with 98% success rate. (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Mental Health, Therapy)


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