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Imprint Period and False Beliefs

This may shock you if you weren't aware of it yet: Humans were programmed at the age between 0 and 7. Also, you were unable to dispute what was imprinted into your brain. This is called “The Imprint Period”.

Your parents, playmates, teachers, and the Television (including the government and politicians) contributed very much during this Imprint Period to program you with BxxxSxxx so that you are a well-behaved pawn for their agenda. (maybe with good intentions, though, because they were imprinted as well when they were a child, and they live in lies they were given to). This is the root of your pains and sufferings.

Without professional therapies, you will not be able to get rid of the imprinted lies, but professional therapies do not necessarily mean traditional therapies.

Overcome has the expertise to help you deprogram and reprogram yourself so that you stop living in the lies that bring you down. Go to traditional therapies that believe in traditional psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapies and the like. They will continue to give you lies in traditional Psychology and Psychiatry, the feature of which is that humans cannot control their emotions because much of their mind is unconscious. It is a total lie. It gives you comfort and tells you not to blame yourself for not being able to make progress in healing; however, it does not solve your problem! It even helps to maintain your problems and block you from healing; you are kept in a comfort zone, and you end up seeking more comfort every day, like an addiction. This helps the mental health industry to grow and expand but does not help you at all to solve your problems.

Overcome is an expert in presenting the root of your pains and sufferings to you in a few efficient and practical sessions, using a non-intrusive and sensitive approach, which aims at breaking the lies and giving the power of control back to you.

According to statistics, at least 50% of people experience an episode of mental illness in their entire life, which includes major depressive disorder and severe anxiety. This means "sane" and "insane" have a blurred border. Your psychologists or psychiatrists will contribute to maintaining you with your problems, but they cannot solve them. You are almost assured that you will get long-term frustration because you do not get the help you need, and your mental health worsens. This phenomenon is an institutional failure in the mental health system of the entire world. This is because their theory and approach are wrong, and the current mental health system cannot change it. It is your choice, though, on where you seek help; we only want you to get healed (not just "feel a bit better", which is an ambiguous concept). If you are diagnosed with a mental illness, reach out to us, and we have a 98% success rate in solving your problems efficiently.

You do not have to have a mental illness to seek therapies, but anybody who seeks therapies is very brave. It is great. Choosing the right therapy is much better. Most therapies fail, unfortunately, but with Overcome, you cannot fail.

Please note that there is a defence mechanism where patients or clients defend their depression or anxiety. This gives difficulties and failure rates to traditional therapies. Many patients or clients were stuck in years and years of time-consuming and financially-draining therapies or medications, only ended in a mental hospital, loss of job, relationship, home, and assets, and to the worst, they took their own life. The defence mechanism is one of the reasons for the failure of traditional therapies.

For example, one of my clients, a young solicitor working in the City of London, told me the stress of his work is pressurising him, and he always has negative self-talk that makes him think he is a bad person. I told him he is not bad because the lousy person never seeks therapy and never wants to become a good person. However, his past and future are draining his confidence and energy, and he is defending his depression. He takes prescribed psychotropic drugs to fall asleep and to reduce anxiety; however, he got worse because of addiction and the risk of dementia due to long-term use of sediments and hypnotic drugs. He is trapped and defends his depression and does not want to escape it. He dwells in his confirmation bias and blocks anything contrary. This is a bad and dangerous sign that his depression is serious. However, at Overcome, we are experienced in handling serious depression when doctors diagnose a major depressive disorder or other serious mental illnesses, and they do not have an effective method to help. We can break the defence mechanism and efficiently solve your depression, stopping you from your pain and suffering and bringing the same uniqueness and strength to Overcome. This client is now ready to go for more significant challenges and does not need to come back for more therapies because he has mastered the strategies and can help himself, which is more effective than help from anybody else.

If you need food in mind, Overcome does not just give you some fish; overcome teaches you fishing so that you can catch fish on your own, and the control of life is back into your own hands.

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Overcome provides CTAA accredited remote and tailored advice on solving mental health related problems in a few efficient and effective sessions with unbeatable strategies to give you an unfair advantage in life that can benefit you for all your life with 98% success rate. (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Mental Health, Therapy)


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