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How to Take Advantage of Sheep Mentality, People Pleasing, Peer Pressure and Conformity

Humans are social animal. Most humans have a sheep mentality. Have you ever seen in films or cartoons that at cliff, one sheep jump down, all other sheep follow without doubts about it.

In a theatre when there is fire, if one person shouts “follow me”, other people will follow. Most do not doubt who that person is and whether he knows where to lead the crowd. They follow.

It is sheep mentality. We also copy other people. When we consider a person exemplar, we copy them. We learn things by copying examples. In a corporate world, most people follow the CEO, because they are the leader.

The reasons behind sheep mentality is conformity, peer pressure and people pleasing. When we dig deeper into psychology, it is that all humans need the sense of belonging.

It is not a bad thing, because in a society if there isn’t conformity, there will be disorder. If nobody is bothered by peer pressure, there will be endless disagreement. If nobody does people pleasing, there will be no reciprocity and no mutual help, the society will be cruel and selfish.

Conformity is a good tool. You work hard, and maybe too hard, you never get higher pay. The secret is that you will need to lead others to work less and be paid much better. You need to make others work for you. How to use the sheep mentality to enhance your advantage and become a leader of the crowd? You need to gain authority. You will not be able to make all like and love you, it is simply impossible, and you do not need to be liked to be the leader. In a jungle, it is the most feared, the lion, who is the King. You need to form authority over other people. By standing with the higher position people who have the authority, you will have an authority for your ideas. For example, in a meeting, you have an idea. People won’t care, because you are nobody. But if you hint that the CEO has agreed with it, most people, out of sheep mentality, will agree with it. Another example of using conformity in workplace, I can say hey everybody else is doing it you know, and you'll do it, or you will be the only person that doesn't do it. You can get a lot of compliance with conformity, and it is not a bad thing.

You can use peer pressure to make people take action. For example, you sit where all the staff would sit, and you say to a new colleague, “come over here and hang out with us. This is where all the cool kids are sitting.” That new colleague will take action to sit with staff.

You can use people pleasing to make people take action. You say you need help you just can’t do it yourself, and you say thank you and appreciate their help after they have done you a favour. This is a good way to use people pleasing. They want to help because people pleasing is ingrained in people. It is not manipulating people but a good way in workplace to ask people to do things for you.

Sometimes you can ask people to do you a small favour before actually asking them to do a big project. People like others who ask for their favour. When they help you a little, they want to help you more. So you can use the mentality of people pleasing to make people work for you, and keep them happy. This is much better than being a dictator and ordering others to work for you. Have some strategies and you will be a good leader.

I have a client, he was a professional but was having issues at work. He was kind of isolating or feeling bad or being down. I didn't really need any help, but I ask if he can help me make some copies, or just sort a couple of papers for me I could simply have done two seconds by myself. This worked very well to get him out of his depression, even just for a few minutes. I said “You know I knew I could trust you to help me out.” It is a nice strategy, if you use strategies correctly, you will win people’s heart and create a better world for everybody in the workplace.

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