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Be Careful at What Meaning You Attach to Something

Our brain is a simple machine. It is like a computer. You set up the process for it. It will work it out for you. Even if you are sleeping, you brain is accomplishing tasks for you. You heart still beats and you still breathe even if you are fast asleep.

You brain thinks about you exactly the same as you tell it. If you keep putting yourself down, your brain will agree with it. Likewise, you brain will agree with you on the meanings you attach to something.

For example, a crime happened in the neighbourhood. You can be pessimistic, feel afraid, nervous, even panic attacks, and you lose your sleep. After a while if you keep feeling scared, it can develop into depression or other mental problems. Or you can think, this is a good reminder for me that I need to be extra cautious about safety and security, perhaps I can take some courses for self-defence practices like martial arts etc. so that if there is violence I can fight back and protect myself.

We use this example to show you that upon the same thing, you can attach different meanings to it. First, you can attach negative meaning to it; second, you can attach positive meaning to it. The power is at you. You can make your brain think either way. Clearly, positive thinking makes your life different.

You will never change other people, and what you can change is yourself.

Be very careful at what meaning you attach to the same thing, it can make your day very differently. As we discussed before, everybody looks at the world with their own filters (Confirmation Bias). You need to double check your filter, and make sure it is a good one which leads to goodness for you, not the opposite. You may have got a bad filter from your Imprint Period, or from some bad experiences, Overcome is the expert to help you correct it, and you will be transformed to a different world.

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