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The Five Roots of Suffering (5) Fearing Death

The fifth root of suffering is fearing death.

Humans will die, and you too. Many people believe they will go to heaven after they die, but they are still not happy and ready to die. Everybody is afraid of death.

Death is coming anyway. A human is born, he is going to grow and live, and then at some point sooner or later he will die. There is no doubt about it. It will come.

Everything has a beginning and an end. Human life does too. It will not disappear simply because you do not want it and you fear it.

Now that everybody is going to die, do not fear it. It is not about whether there is life after death, the question is: is there life before death?

Most people have only fewer than 100 years to be alive. Do you spend your time enjoying it to the most, or do you spend your time regretting the past or worry about future? The massive fear of death is because you never truly lived.

Whether you live your life to the fullest, or you waste all of them regretting and worrying, death is still coming. You need to be freed from the fear of death, which gives you suffering.

Now you know all the five common roots of suffering for all humans. Overcome has the strategies to free you from them.

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