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Is Anything that Cost You a lot Valuable?

Humans have a false belief: things that cost you a lot are valuable.

It is half truth. A house, a degree from University, and shares of a company may be valuable. However, not everything that cost you a lot is valuable. For example, the tax you have paid has no value at all to you.

We talked about attachment, and suffering. What you attach to, and what you hold on to, will cause you pain. The suffering then gives you a fictional feeling, that it is valuable.

This is why people hold on to their pain, to their suffering, and they defend the pain, they do not leave it, and they dwell on it. They ruminate it. They re-experience the pain.

Painful things in the past make them suffer, and the suffering make them believe it is valuable. You then spend your time living in the past, you know you never truly lived this way.

You need to learn how to let it go. It is not as hard as you thought, if you are guided by the right people. Overcome is expert to help you to let it go.

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