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Loneliness is a Serious Problem in Modern Society and How It Can Lead to Destruction

Loneliness is serious problem in modern life. You can be in a crowd but lonely. It is a negative state of being alone and abandoned by society.

Note that people can enjoy being alone or, choose to be alone, without feeling lonely. Being alone and feeling lonely are two different concepts.

In order to get rid of loneliness, sometimes people engage in self-destructive such as smoking and drinking, putting oneself in a state of anesthesia. What's more, they behave impulsively and outrageously or they take unnecessary and uncalculated risks, and even take their own lives in severe cases.

Lonely people have uneasiness and fear with no definite and specific content, or repeated feeling that bad things will happen, as if a catastrophe is imminent and the specific reason is not clear. It develops into anxiety.

Lonely people experience dullness and troubles, they are full of complaints and angry from time to time; it seems that everything around is boring, you cannot share the joy or sorrow of others, or you are simply indifferent, and it is difficult to resonate. You lose a wide range of interests, and in severe cases, there is a sense of despair. It develops into depression.

Many patients with depression actually have no obvious symptoms in front of outsiders. They're good at faking it, but what are the symptoms actually like? This kind of feeling may be that you feel sad, empty, and hopeless. Sometimes you feel like crying all the time without specific trigger or reason. It is a serious mental problem.

Further, many lonely people who developed anxiety and depression consider it a very shameful thing, they blame themselves for lack of social skill or being not lovely. They refuse to admit they are sick, they use camouflage to hide themselves, and they do not seek help. There is nothing abnormal on the surface, but in essence their heart is painful and they have physical illness too (mind and body are connected; mental problems can develop into physical problems). What’s more, it can explode due to intolerable stress.

As we discussed before, it is important to stop mental status to fall right from the beginning. The early you start to rescue yourself, the better. Do not wait until it develops into serious status, because it will affect every aspect of your life, including your job, your finance, your relationship, your physical health and much more. Seek for help now, no matter which stage you are at. Be assured that 98% of mental illness can be easily solved, with the correct methods by professionals like Overcome Advisors.

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