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Meditation and Its Healing Power over Psychological, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wounds

First of all, this post is written by our guest blogger. Overcome does not focus on teaching or training meditation. However, Overcome acknowledges the healing effect of meditation. We wish to bring health, wealth, wisdom and best relationship for you, regardless of what works the best; therefore, we are happy to publish this post on our site.

You can use meditation to heal yourself psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually.

This is related to Overcome’s truth of psychology: the Ego is a false self and it is not You. Meditation can help you to de-identify the Ego, which is a defect of the brain, and thereby heals you psychological, mental, physical and spiritual wounds. Meditation is like a sword, which can cut off the false self and defend the true you, so that the false self cannot harm you.

Note that if your arm is broken badly, meditation cannot help. You need to go to A&E. Overcome is spreading truth and science, not aims at misleading anybody.

Okay, so how to use the healing power of meditation? Overcome’s Advisors can tell you more, but basically, you need to be in the status of serenity first. Let’s say you’ve got pain being betrayed by your friend. Where is the pain? You feel oh it is in my heart.

You get into the status of serenity, you then focus on that paining spot. You imagine a ball of warmth, light and weight, which is like laser shooting that paining spot. You imagine a sensation at that shooting spot, for example tickling, and you focus on that sensation at that spot and healing the emotional pain with your imagination. This may sound weird for people who are not used to meditate, but once you master the skill, it is very helpful.

If we explain it in psychology, it is you are doing something consciously, but it will get into your unconscious mind. When you sleep, your brain will continue to do the healing work. After a few days, you’d notice that pain is released or healed.

This is similar to acupuncture. To put it simply, by putting the needles in a given spot around the wounded area, those tiny needles will bring the attention of your brain’s healing power to it. And your brain will do the work unconsciously to heal you.

I suggest people who are not scientists to do is: Do not try to intellectualise it, or over-intellectualise it. It has been tested and proven working. The most important thing is, it can help many people to heal, which other methods do not help. I hope this brief post can help some people who suffer from emotional pain, or mental, psychological, physical or spiritual pain to heal. If you understand the amazing effect of it, or believe it can help you, and if you want to know more, contact Overcome.

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