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Personal Illusions No.3 We Think We Know the World

The 3rd Personal Illusion is: We think we understand the world.

Again, because we believe what other people tell us. We get our information about the world through two sources and they're horrible:

One, other people- an outside source has given us information about the world. They all have agendas. They lie. They have their own distortions. They don't completely understand reality and then they're repeating it to us. They are wildly biased and then they give it to us. Sometimes they give it to you out of good intentions. They just can't help themselves.

Second, we believe what we see, what we tell ourselves, what we internally tell ourselves. I would tell this to my client all time, I said don't trust your own experience. Why? Because your sample of one is a sample of one, it is no good statistically. You can't say anything in general based on one sample and that's all you have. You have one life and it tells you nothing statistically about the rest of the world.

You may say, but that's my experience it can't be wrong. Because I experienced it, it's our experience and that it can't be wrong. We saw all these things, we heard all these things, we put all this logic together, therefore it has to be right, it has to be true, otherwise we're insane.

Well that's the other first realisation of an intelligent person: you are a little crazy. What's a crazy person? Somebody who holds illusions and believes them to be true. That's the definition of a crazy person. They don't get the true reality. Isn't that a crazy person? Yes.

Who's that. That's all of us. So we have horrible source of information. 50% of people experience at least one episode of mental illness in their life, including major depression or anxiety.

Next we often see what we want to see. We distort things with our history. We layer our story. That's what history is. You put your story on top of what happened and you call that history. They say history is always written by the victor, why? Because they're going to have a different version. They're gonna give you their version because they won, because they get to tell the story. They don't tell the truth, they tell the story, and again I want to let you know this doesn't mean that you're lying to yourself, even though you are. It does mean that you're lying to yourself. You have a story that you believed to be true based on what you've seen and heard with all these limitations that every human has and that becomes your story. But I want you to know it's just a story.

OK that's it for the three personal illusions. I want you to carefully examine the areas where I said something, and you say "I don't think that's true", that's the one you need to work on, because I can guarantee you this has been researched, every single one of these is true. If you're not seeing it as true, somehow you're blocking yourself.

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