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What You See in Others Is Your Own Reflection

When the same incident happened, why some people view it optimistically, but others view it pessimistically? Your view of the world is not based on how the world is. It never is. It is based on who you are. If you want to change the way you see the world, you have to change yourself internally, then the world will change. You will not be able to change yourself, you can only change you, and then, you will be amazed that everything will change for you have changed.

If you are the person who constantly view in the pessimistic way, you can change it by programming yourself.

Buddha said “We are what we think, the thought creates the feelings, all that we are arises with our thoughts.” This was even earlier than when Psychology nailed the same concept, and if you accept it as science and true, a new world will be opened to you.

Zen taught us serenity. Think nothing and that’s serenity. Meditate and focus on, simply nothing. It is both philosophy and psychology. This is the most important lesson that each of us should be taught the first thing in school. It is the right way of living, it is the right way to combat our defected brain which is programmed into negative self-talk and programmed into all sorts of lies at our imprint period. Want to know how to deprogram and reprogram it?

Want to get the control back? Do not listen to traditional psychology, get rid of it, because you can certainly be in control of yourself, your own feelings and emotions, and your own behaviours. Contact us and we will tell you how to achieve this.

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