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Personal Finance and Mental Health Problems

One's personal finance is closely linked to one's mental health problems. People with healthy personal finance can have all mental problems as people with unhealthy personal finance, but they usually can move out from mental health issues more easily.

Do not get us wrong, having mental health problems is common. It does not indicate poor finance. As we said before, 50% of people will experience at least one episode of mental illness in their life. Not all of them have financial problems. However, finance is one of the reasons that can cause mental health problems, and it can prolong mental health problems or prevent it from recovery. Having strong finance dose not mean immunity from mental illness, but it can give a person incredible confidence to combat mental health issues.

Get Out At the Earliest Possible Stage of Mental Illness, Do Not Wait

As we said in our Blog Posts repeatedly, mental illness is the root of many nasty problems, although it may have been caused or initiated by other problems at the beginning. However, if you do not curb mental health problems as early as possible, it can develop as other problems develop, and it can in turn make other problems worse. Finally, it can grow to an extent that you are not in control anymore.

Your mental health status will significantly affect your finance, which can in turn worsen your mental health. Therefore, you must solve the problems of mental health now. Do not wait until it is even more difficult.

This is a manifestation of the Law of Entropy, which is a principle of Physics but we are not discussing it in Physics today. In mental health, it basically means: if you do not maintain your mental health, it will fall into disorder. You must actively maintain your mental health.

Overcome can help you, no matter which stage you are at in your mental health. You need to be aware of the importance of stopping your mental health problems now; because if you do not stop it, it will only get worse. It won't keep the current status. The worse your mental health becomes, the worse your other problems will become, and it is a vicious circle. You will have to solve it now, not tomorrow or later on, and Overcome can help you with this right away. Contact us for details.

1. Being in financial difficulty affects your mental health.

Financial difficulties are a common cause of stress and anxiety.

Stigma with financial difficulties can mean that people struggle to ask for help and may become isolated.

The bad effect on people’s mental health can be particularly severe if they resort to cutting back on essentials, such as heating and eating, or if creditors are aggressive or insensitive when collecting debts.

2. Having a mental health problem affects your income.

People with mental health problems earn less. People with anxiety and depression earn around £8,400 less a year than those without anxiety and depression.

Only around half people with mental health problems are in employment in the UK. When in work, around 37% people with mental health problems work part-time. People in work with mental health problems also tend to be within the lowest-paid occupational groups.

With poor mental health, people can struggle to attend work, lose their job, or keep on top of managing their money.

3. Having a mental health problem affects your expenditure and ability to save.

Symptoms of mental health problems include increased impulsivity and memory problems, which can make it more difficult for a person to make financial decisions, or get a good deal in complex markets.

Some people with depression spend a lot of money for emotional comfort, or eat comfort food and then have weight problems. According to national polling of people with mental health problems, while unwell six in ten people found it harder to make financial decisions, nearly half put off paying bills and 38% took out a loan that they would not otherwise have taken out.

So we talked about the connection between finance and mental health. We hope you are aware that maintaining your mental health or solving your mental health problems is essential for you to solve other challenges in your life. Never wait until it becomes more difficult, and if you do not solve it now, it will for sure become more difficult because the Law of Entropy also applies in life, not only in Physics.

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