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Relationship Goals and Relationship Counselling

Whether you are single, married or even living together in a relationship or anything else, get help to build strong relationships.

Most people think that relationship counselling is necessary for difficult situations, but this is only sometimes the case. You can even approach us to solve trivial problems in your relationship.

Whether you're facing any problems or passing through a tragedy, in that case, we are here to help you with how to proceed with your relationship goals!

Relationship Counselling:

Whatever difficulty you are facing in your relationship, let us help you learn how to overcome the problems. Talk with our counsellors in a friendly and fully supportive environment to ease your pain and understand what to do for a better relationship.

How do we work?

Overcome has witnessed and solved so many problems in relationship, by which we found communication contributes to much of the problems at the beginning. Small problems in communication rolls into bigger issues between the two parties.

Communication is What the other Person Heard, Never What you Said.

Most people think that communication is what you said. No, it is wrong. This misunderstanding and misconception has caused so many problems in communication and in relationship (intimate relationship or otherwise).

We have made an experiment. We asked a couple to speak in turns. After the husband said something, we asked the wife to repeat what the husband said or what he meant. It does not have to be the same wording, just what the wife got. And then we do the same vice versa. Every time, the wife and the husband will say, no, no, no, that's not what I meant. You see? The problem in communication is not what you said, but what the other side heard.

So how do you change? Many people believe they do not need to learn communication skills, which is also wrong. Sales people are the best in effective communication. They say something and wait for the other side to respond, and from the feedback they adjust their own words in order to convey the correct message. The successful salesmen must have mastered communication skills very well.

Here are some steps in ordinary relationship counselling. You can see Overcome is very different from traditional lengthy relationship counselling, and why we are efficient.

Normally, the first step is clarifying the problems you are facing in your relationship, which is what the counsellor and the clients actually do together. Then, the reason behind the issues is discussed, followed by multiple steps to reach an appropriate solution.

If relationship counselling goes best for the couple, they will be offered a series of counselling sessions, a best practice to strengthen their relationship.

The number of counselling sessions is usually 6 to 12, depending on the complexity of their relationship issues.

It is seen that people experiencing relationship counsellings switch among different goals. The diversity of relationship goals turns the focus on individual support with caring behaviour.

For some, counselling becomes a lengthy process to eliminate the difficulties, but for others, a few sessions work perfectly!

As discussed earlier, counselling duration depends on the nature of the issues the couple are facing, the couple needs to make sure that they address every problem with their counsellor without hesitation.

There are a lot of obvious shortcomings of traditional counselling. Overcome is different as we work from the root of the problem, rather than following traditional steps. This is one of the reasons why we are more effective and more efficient.

What to expect before you go for relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling is more complex than it sounds in words. Yes, it is not magical, but tricky and laborious for our counsellors and you. Be committed and engaged in the process for better outcomes.

Not everyone might achieve the goal of strengthening relationships or separating. If you want to get separated, our counsellors will guide you on how to proceed less harmfully. You will learn how to communicate with friends and families in challenging situations.

Another point you must know is the reliability of our counsellors. We apply every possible means to find the right solution for you. Still, if you don't get through the rough patch, we will always try to manage other sources for your support.

Leaving you in hard times does not suit us!

Overcome is LGBTQ+ friendly.

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