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Self-defeating Mindset (4) "Discounting the Positive"

(4) "Discounting the Positive"

Have you ever experienced something positive and insisted "it doesn't count" and then continued to feel depressed and negative?

Have you ever performed well, but told yourself "it's not good enough", or told everyone "everyone can do it".

Everyone has this kind of "self-defeating thinking" that "devalues positive experiences", but this approach will take away the joy in your life. You feel like you're not good enough, or that you're not rewarded for what you're doing.

The next time you experience something positive, immediately tell yourself "I'm amazing!", "This is not what normal people do".

A "self-defeating" mindset is a defect of human brains. We must recognise them and get rid of them immediately. Your life will be different and you will succeed more easily than others.

Master this technique, and you'll love yourself better, exercise self-control more easily, and achieve more of your goals.

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Master the secret to success now- Throw Away the Self-defeating Mindset

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