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Why are there More Men than Women Taking their own Life?

Awareness to mental health and suicide is increasing, but there are still a lot we do not know about.

According to WTO “Suicide in the World: Global Health Estimates”, in the world, men have many times higher suicide rates than women, but why?

There are many reasons for it. Simply put, more women are diagnosed with depression, and attempt suicide, whilst more men kill themselves.

Men are more determined to accomplish the act than women. Men have a stereotype that they are the bread earner, the protector, the supermen and they are strong. They tend to hide their pain, sorrow and they bottle up. They are less likely than women to share their feelings. Men do not want to be seen as weak. In some cultures, crying is not allowed for men, etc. etc. The world is more harsh on men, and thus more tragedies happen on men. We would like to take this opportunity to ask men care for themselves more, because humans all have emotions and are allowed to be vulnerable, regardless of gender.

Men feel ashamed to seek help than women. It is their Ego telling them that they are weak by seeking help, which is a total lie. We talked about Ego in previous post, about what Ego really mean, and clarified common false beliefs about the terminology Ego in a simple way that all can understand. Men can be vulnerable but they usually do not admit it even in front of doctors and therapists. They defend their Ego’s lies. At Overcome, we use non-intrusive and sensitive methods to help clients see through the lies of their own Ego, and men, same as women, will receive an instant transformation.

When a man is distressed, he may not speak up, nor will he seek help. He may tend to use substances to temporarily hide their pain and problems, then the addiction will make the things worse. Mental health problems, as we talked about in previous post, can become heavier and more serious, which in turn will affect your work, study, finance, physical health and then you end up in a vicious circle. It is important for men, same as women, to care for their mental health right from the beginning, when the problem is smaller, less complicated and less developed.

External factors for example economy, which affects personal finance, is a key contributor to men’s suicide. Loss of job and decrease in income may cause identity crisis and social pressure for men, more seriously than women. If men need to worry for paying bills or mortgages, it is even worse. To prevent this from happening, or if this already happened, you indeed need to strengthen your mental health immediately, otherwise it may lead to a stage where it is very difficult to get out. We urge men or women to seek immediate help and do not wait and avoid the serious problem.

But remember that many people lose jobs and relationships, and they get out of it quickly. They got a new job and new relationship soon. Something finishes only means multiple new opportunities are open to you, it is important to have the resilience to make a successful transition. Your mental health plays a crucial role here.

Because of the Covid Pandemic and its negative effect on global economy, and because of some international conflicts, many people suffer from unemployment, decrease of income or loss of relationship. It is unfortunate but Overcome is expert in helping people to get back on their foot as quickly as possible. We believe that medications and years’ of long therapies or analysis to dig the past do not really help. It can even, sometimes, contribute to maintain the mental problems. We cannot help persons in crisis, and we will direct them to other professionals as shown in our Contact List, but we have 98% of success rate to make people transform into light instantly, and our methodology is based on the only two proven science of therapies. We hope that we can help you.

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Overcome provides CTAA accredited remote and tailored advice on solving mental health related problems in a few efficient and effective sessions with unbeatable strategies to give you an unfair advantage in life that can benefit you for all your life with 98% success rate. (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep, Mental Health, Therapy)

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