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Why is Certainty an Illusion?

We all like certainty and stability, but they are different from reality. Certainty is not reality, it is a belief, and belief has been filtered by our confirmation bias.

As we discussed before, humans can see the same incidents in different ways. You can manage and choose to attach a positive meaning to it, or attach a negative meaning to it. We all tend to look at things according to our life rules, i.e. through coloured glasses.

Most of the rules were shoved into our brain at our Imprint Period, when we were unable to tell true or false, or dispute them. Because each person has got a different set of rules from their parents, from their peers, from the TV, from the government, and so on, when a person is certain about something, it is a personal illusion. This is called Mistaken Certainty.

We form a habit when we do things, and we do everything according to our personal habit without a thinking. For example, some of us got up in the morning and drink a cup of coffee every single morning, making the coffee exactly the same way every day. It is a habit.

So we have a tendency to do things in patterns, however, Overcome can teach you how to break your patterns- if you consider the pattern is wrong for you and has frustrated you, and you decide to break it. You are in control and you are in charge, all you need is Overcome to help you set yourself free.

Contact us to know more. Subscribe to us to receive updates and news about us. Overcome provides CTAA accredited remote and tailored advice on solving mental health related problems in a few efficient and effective sessions with unbeatable strategies to give you an unfair advantage in life that can benefit you for all your life with 98% success rate. (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep, Mental Health, Therapy)

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