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Self-defeating Mindset (2) "Overgeneralisation"

(2) "Overgeneralisation"

We now will talk about the self-defeating way of thinking: "Overgeneralisation".

When something bad happens, don't you tend to see it as a pattern of frustration that you can never change?

For example, if a person rejects you, would you say to yourself, "I'm always rejected"?

For another example, if you are blocked in your career, would you say to yourself, "I will never be promoted"?

This kind of self-defeating thinking can't help you, so your subsequent series of failures are actually yourself defeating yourself. It's like a salesman driving a car, a bird flies by and drops a piece of shit on the windshield, and the salesman says, "That's my luck! Birds keep shitting on my car!" This can kill his morale.

In these cases, you have to argue with yourself, "This person doesn't like me, I'll go for the next one." "I need to adjust my approach and make sure to take the next opportunity." "Birds occasionally shit on my car, has nothing to do with the client I'm meeting next. I'm going to make it."

Master this technique, you'll love yourself better, exercise self-control more easily, and achieve more of your goals.

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Master the secret to success now- Throw Away the Self-defeating Mindset

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