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The Diamond Philosophy and De-illusion Yourself

As we discussed before, we were programmed during our Imprint Period, when we were not able to reject information or dispute information. The age was between 0 to 7. We were programmed by people who were programmed by others when they were a child; these people include our parents, peers, teachers, television, government, media etc. We all live in illusions, which are lies, and we aren’t even aware of.

Now that you know this secret, you need to de-illusion yourself. Whatever you believed, we can confidently say, 99% of them are lies. It was not your fault, it was not your parents’ fault as they also didn’t know, and 99% are lies. There are people who have agenda to program you, it was not your fault to be programmed in the first place.

However, it is your fault if you continue to believe in lies now that you already know the truth. You need to always question yourself, is your belief true?

Here is the Diamond Philosophy: Look at something like looking at a diamond. From all different angles, ask yourself, question yourself, question yourself again, is it true? Change to another angle, ask again, is it true? Is it really true? Is it positively true? Many a time, you’d find what you have believed all your life, is not true.

As humans, we have pains and sufferings when we grow up. We have depression, anxiety and stress etc. We have low self-esteem. We have a big false self- The Ego, who always belittle and criticise ourselves. We are hurt by relationship, we are bruised when we realise our beliefs since little child are lies, we suffer and we feel we have been lied to by our parents, our teacher, or our best friends in childhood.

The truth is, many people do not want to lie to you, but they were programmed too. You need to realise that as humans, our brain has a defect, and that’s just being human. You are not bad, you are not evil, you are not sxxxid, you are just being human.

Use the diamond philosophy, because everyone needs it due to our illusionary nature, question yourself from various angles if something is true. Live in the real world, and cut off illusion using the sharpest sword that you have.

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