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Self-defeating Mindset (3) "Emotional Immersion"

(3) "Emotional Immersion"

Have you ever had the experience where you choose a negative emotion and then squat in it indefinitely.

This negativity makes your vision dark and heavy, like a drop of ink soaking a glass of water. This is the self-defeating way of "emotional immersion".

For example, in a meeting at work, your proposal was slightly criticised by a colleague. The more you think about it, the more pessimistic you become, unable to extricate yourself.

In fact, when you first start to feel negativity, you should immediately stop immersing yourself in it. Because wallowing in negativity isn't doing you any good. Try to fix the problem, and if you can't, accept the setback and do better next time.

A "self-defeating" mindset is a defect of all human brains. It neither solves the problem nor makes you a better person.

Master this technique, and you'll love yourself better, exercise self-control more easily, and achieve more of your goals.

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Master the secret to success now- Throw Away the Self-defeating Mindset

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