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Self-defeating Mindset (7) "Emotional Reasoning"

(7) "Emotional Reasoning"

Emotional Reasoning is a self-defeating way of thinking in which you use your emotions to judge yourself or what's going on around you.

The simplest example is that because I am terrified of flying, it must be scary to fly.

I was angry, which meant that someone else must have done something wrong.

Another example is that I feel that I am inferior to others, so I must not be good enough.

Or, I feel that there is no hope, that there must be no cure for me.

These ways of thinking are all caused by negative emotions, so that they can reason and judge themselves or other things. While we all have such self-defeating thinking, it is clear that such conclusions are unreliable.

What we need to do is to put aside our negative emotions and stop making such emotional reasoning.

A "self-defeating" mindset is a defect of human brains. We must recognise them and get rid of them immediately. Your life will be different and you will succeed more easily than others.

Master this technique, and you'll love yourself better, exercise self-control more easily, and achieve more of your goals.

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Master the secret to success now- Throw Away the Self-defeating Mindset

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